Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beach scenes

Well, despite its sogginess, March has absolutely flown by! In the midst of rain, rain (and insert more rain), I was able to sneak away for some beach time with my hubby, my mom, my 86-year-old grandma, my cousin and his fam. Oh, Hunting Island, SC... how I love thee! Let me count the ways: shrimp burgers, hand-sewing in the surf (pics to come), not a building in sight, and boat drinks. Oh, and raccoons and alligators and no-see-ums. You know, I think we're gonna need a montage...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

march of the quilt blocks

I apologize for the backlog here, but it really is necessary. Two rounds behind, and I was starting to feel the pangs of guilt. But here they are: red cross blocks for Jacquie and some mixed-bag blocks for Nadia over at Common Threads. I'm loving the way these blocks look on this big wooden buffet at work!

And drumroll please.... April is my month! I've been round and round on the design, but I think the red cross blocks really tipped me over the edge. And dang... I better get to the fabric store. But not before I head out of town for a quick vacation. This winter has really kicked my butt on the weather front. How bout you? Time for some beach camping con family and margaritas! Be back soon with a post on the newly formed Asheville Modern Quilt Guild!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

mini quilts... in print!

Oh, glorious day! My quilties have been officially released in print. They're part of the collection in Pretty Little Mini Quilts. These minis represent the first incarnations of my long obsession with the kelpy shape. Here they are in their natural habitat (aka my home).

The two-panel set was the inspiration for my most recent office set (seen in the previous post). I love the set aspect, but I think it's kind of like knitters' second sock syndrome. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll convince myself I need to make more.

These blue ovals (they kinda look like eggs, huh?) were a little mini series I experimented with for a while.