Monday, August 24, 2009

(very) wonky log cabins

I think it's a good thing: being able to embrace my inner wonkiness. Or maybe that's just a bit of laziness coming through... either way, wonky log cabins are here to stay, complete with some embroidered details.

And since the only thing I photograph besides crafts and my hubby doing silly things, you, dear reader, will be subjected to installment #46 of Baby in her best porch-sitting pose. Here, she's looking bored and ready for fanning - one of my favorites!

Monday, August 17, 2009

back to reality

Hmmm... this is my second post with this title. Either I spend a lot of time avoiding the real world or I do a good job taking a break from it at times, thus necessitating a return. Ah, the bored ponderings a vacation supplies.

Yes, indeed: the Outer Banks were absolutely splendid. If we three - Baby, my hubby, and I - do ever decide to start a professional beach sitting team, the Outer Banks will most definitely be our training grounds, provided they have enough limes. Here are a few pics from my new favoritest beach in NC:

From top left across: provisions, Baby and the big "bath," Billy and Baby in the sound, the Hatteras lighthouse, the boardwalk, and my vacation table runner (yes, the sewing machine joined us for our journey).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

beach bound!

...but not without a crafty project in tow! I'm thinking table runner in yellow and grey. We'll see how much work I actually get done, and if my hubby can handle me bringing my sewing machine on our official honeymoon (two years late but hey!). My main objective is some serious beach sitting and maybe just a touch of sweet, sweet boredom: it's been so long! Outer Banks, here we come.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

super (uncrafty) weekend

I spent my weekend with my brother, his family, and their super full-o-life boston terrier Lucky. We took in some local eats, played lots of apples to apples (my fave!), and went tubing (also my fave!) on the Green River. I love sharing this place with my family... it always makes me rediscover things I forget to notice on a daily basis. No crafting to report, but good, good livin nonetheless.