Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Phwew... these past few months have been an absolute blur, I tell you! Quilt Market through Christmas just tends to be that way. And I'm overdue on just about everything, including ye olde blog! This year was especially crazy - hello, holiday Big Crafty! Boy, doing a craft show during the holiday makes so much sense, but it's killed any inclination I may have had for handmade holiday gifts. Gift cards it will be! Here's a little sampling of what I made for my booth:

First, a little series of stretched canvas birdies in various adventures with umbrellas, kelpies, etc. (see more on my flickr page!) This one was my favorite - the waves, the clouds, the big dipper - and it was a little hard to let go of!

And more bird cameos. The little scarves, well, they just made me happy!

And mushroom terrariums and mushroom embroideries. It was actually a pretty good show for me - all pennies go to the new sewing machine penny jar!

I have been thinking about some goals for next year. I'm thinking a healthy dose of quilt WIPs, maybe some crochet, and some more craft/quilt experimentation. I absolutely love making stuff that people want to purchase, but I need a break from that mode for a little while. There's one more crafting project on the horizon.... big announcement headed your way soon! Until then, may your holiday preparations be merry!