Saturday, November 20, 2010

more (and more) pluses

I think Quilt Market was just what I needed to get back in my sewing groove! I made the quilt top for this baby quilt in a flurry back in September and haven't had a chance to think about it since.... until now, of course, since we're headed for the baby shower tomorrow. I tried a few new things with this quilty - grid lines, sprinkled pluses, variegated thread - that I can already tell will be making a repeat appearance later. And I finally feel like I'm getting a bit better at binding (which is cute and stripey, though hard to tell in the photo) - major yay! I can't wait to give this quilty to the expectant couple (good, good friends of ours); so fulfilling to give a handmade something!
I always feel compelled to add a little sneaky sweetness...
Speaking of making and giving, we held a little scrappy pincushion swap in our Asheville Modern Quilt Guild. Since I'm (always!) in plus mode, I tried some easy peasy appliqued pluses on linen (with a felt base). Hope my partner likes it!

Still pondering a new sewing machine.... and open to input!

Monday, November 15, 2010

quilt market recap (etc.!)

Wowza! It's been a crazy couple of weeks! First, we went on vacation to the Outer Banks (complete with 2 dogs and the sewing machine and the disc catcher and countless other toys). That truly is a magical place! Then, back in Asheville and the office before heading to.... Houston! It's really hard to sum up the whole quilt market/festival in words, but I've managed somehow, over on the Lark Crafts blog. Click:
  • Here (Read about Tina Givens' magical goose and my monoprinting experiments!)
  • Here (Read about my sashiko class and creations - I'm totally addicted! Plus highlights from the Husband's Lounge!)
  • Here (Read my recap with some images of my favorite quilts from the exhibit, definitely through the lens of a modern quilter.)
  • Or here (For a chance to win 500 Art Quilts and Masters: Art Quilts, two fabulous gallery books! Apologies for the shameless plug!)

What an experience! And then, of course, there was the monumental, glorious, and glutinous HAUL! Click here for a more detailed explanation of my finds. Fancy threads (for said sashiko), an innumerable amount of fat quarters (such a weakness), and some lovely vintage fabrics.

It was such an overwhelming, inspiring, and exhausting experience - what a lucky gal I am! It was also exciting to be there as a representative of the next generation of quilters. And I got to meet some of my Flickr friends in person - another level of awesomeness! I must admit that there were times throughout the week when I felt a bit out of place, but in general, I was met with warmth and acceptance - and lots of folks who were interested in learning more about the Modern Quilt Guild! It was also wonderful to see so many women investing time, energy, and financial resources into their continued learning, their passion, and their creative outlet... really inspiring!

And, of course, I found myself skulking around the Bernina booth for far too long - which means I'm definitely in the mood for an upgrade...I can't wait for Cincinnati to roll around!