Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my (kinda sorta) new toy!

Ever since Quilt Market in November, I've been absolutely pining for a new sewing machine, particularly one that starts with a B and ends with a ernina. I've really been wanting to give free motion stitching a try and I don't have the option to drop the feed dogs on my machine and that new fancy BSR thing-a-majig seemed, well, fancy.... So I did lots and lots of research into multiple kinds of machines, asked MANY people about different brands (including some back and forth with many Janome lovers!), and did some general poking around; by the way, thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and feedback! In the end, one suggestion helped me make my decision: look into buying a feed dog cover for my current super old but completely trusty and truly loved Singer 6105. And I did just that!
And it fits perfectly, even though my machine is 20+ years old! So, free motion experimenting, here I come! Was it hard to resist shiny and new? Yes, of course. Will I continue to pine? Probably, but investing in a new machine and saving to buy a house - well, the timing is just bad. What did Violet think of my decision? I think she'd give it the thumbs up if she had any...here she is with her cheese-eating-est smile on instead!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011: put a bird on it!

Anyone else loving Portlandia? I might have a different opinion of the show if I lived in Portland, but I think Asheville is actually a lot like the place. And, in general, I'm okay laughing with and at myself. My hands-down favorite clip has got to be "put a bird on it." I realize the irony here: who else could have timed the announcement of their year-long project so perfectly?!? Seriously... I'm taking 2011 and putting a bird on it!

And so without further ado, here's Mr. February. I made the heart the same way I used to make valentines: fold the thing in half and chop chop. And the bowtie, well, I thought it was just extra Bryce-like.