Monday, March 21, 2011

birthday apron (con tiger pig!)

Well, after crafting something for my friend with mildly evil intentions (she rocked the crown!), I felt that I needed to redeem myself. About that time, this fabulous apron kit arrived in the mail from my friends at Crescendoh. I'm not usually into kits, but I must say, it was kind of nice to have the work done for me - a perfect set of fabrics and notions, cleaned, pressed, and ready for me to get started. It was also nice because my vintage fabric collection is kind of wimpy, but I so love that look. And when I saw the fabrics, I knew just who the apron would be for...

(Take a closer look at this kit and other fabulous kits over here!)

And here it is, about two hours later. Fun and done! And I love the vintage-y look. And so does a certain tiger pig I happen to know... (scroll down).
A face only a mother could love? Perhaps. A little scary if you met her on the street? Probably. Seriously happy dog with a seriously silly smile? Yes indeedy! A smile that is REALLY hard to catch on camera, hence the blur. But golden nonetheless!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

birds and umbrellas!

As promised, here's the March installment of my bird-a-month challenge. It has been so rainy in Asheville, and I've been seriously craving some bright colors - I think that happens every spring, with (always!) serious repercussions for my (growing!) fabric collection. I'm enjoying being able to focus on one single little project for the year (with plenty of other projects on the side, of course) and I'm liking how the project is shaping up... seems like each installment has its own distinct feel. I like to think that these birdies are all part of the same family, so not the same birdy every time. I've got some plans for the summer months - think crazy adventurous auntie birdy! It was nicer here this weekend, though...and just in time. The hubs and I are in house-hunting mode and I can't help but be on the lookout for the perfect crafting space! I don't need much - just a little space of my own. I think I'll know it when I find it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

crafting for good.... (and -mild amounts- of evil!)

Strange title, I know... but let me explain. The weather here in Asheville has been unseasonably warm and sunny, well, during the weekdays that is. The weekends, that's a different story, especially the last one - rain, rain, a little snow, and more rain. All that precipitation does make for good crafting weather, and I have been quite productive. Which brings me to the "good" part of my title. Our Asheville Modern Quilt Guild is creating a charity quilt. We're all string-piecing blocks like these:And now for the evil... my nearest and dearest friend is having her 30th birthday this Saturday. I simply couldn't let the glorious occasion pass without making something silly for her...and then requiring her to wear it...out on the town...all night long! If you can't dress your friends (or kids or dogs or spouses) in silly handmade stuff, who can you dress up? And in case you're wondering, her nickname is Tortilla Mae (long story!). Got my March birdy in the works... hope to share him with you soon!