Monday, August 17, 2009

back to reality

Hmmm... this is my second post with this title. Either I spend a lot of time avoiding the real world or I do a good job taking a break from it at times, thus necessitating a return. Ah, the bored ponderings a vacation supplies.

Yes, indeed: the Outer Banks were absolutely splendid. If we three - Baby, my hubby, and I - do ever decide to start a professional beach sitting team, the Outer Banks will most definitely be our training grounds, provided they have enough limes. Here are a few pics from my new favoritest beach in NC:

From top left across: provisions, Baby and the big "bath," Billy and Baby in the sound, the Hatteras lighthouse, the boardwalk, and my vacation table runner (yes, the sewing machine joined us for our journey).

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