Thursday, February 12, 2009

fun with barbells!

Pardon the typos... it's hard to type with a bandaid on: I should really invest in some thimbles if I'm gonna continue this hand-stitching business! Before the massive bloodloss, I was able to complete this mini quilt, which I call barbells. And of course, the French knots made an entrance! And gold thread, gold thread! I really like it, and there used to be more of it. This piece and the last were kind of lessons in editing: I added too much and then took stuff off until I was happy again. It's been working for me pretty well, but I should probably purchase a friggin seam ripper if I'm gonna stick with that trend. Ahhh, tools.....

I've also been thinking this pattern would be fun to make in stained glass... maybe when the garage is warm enough to work in again!

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