Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a big day...

...I finally made something besides a skully or a little greenie! Hot off the presses, here is my ship! Like the skulls, this guy is based on a lino print I carved last yearl and was created in the first place as an homage to my past life as a sailor (we're pretty sure my hubby was the bar maid). I had trouble with this one, and I can't quite tell if I'm done yet. But it feels good to branch out a little; I've been so busy creating things for the Big Crafty!

The stitching on the border was a total accident: I just didn't feel like doing all those little Us (but oh, how I love them). And I'm okay with the imperfections....

Up next, a dog-themed mini for an animal shelter benefit: this should be interesting!

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