Tuesday, December 8, 2009

in the lab... (er, sewing room)

I spent my weekend experimenting with some quilting designs that have been in my head for a while. The first is a quilt block that I've been dreaming about for my round of the Common Threads quilting bee. I'm wondering if I can actually make the vertical lines match up and how well those colors will play out over a queen size quilt... open to suggestions!

Then I worked on some stitched holiday cards with some super cute green (of course) polka dot fabric I found. I love stitching on paper... it always surprises me that it's so easy to do.

And finally, the girlies got some new bling.... matching, of course. Aw, (spoiled rotten) mama's girls!


  1. Um...I think that would be awesome over a queen size quilt! Getting us to match each other with the verticals could be tricky, but you could always plan on making connecter blocks if there was trouble.

    I love that kelpy shape. The Ford Museum had an exhibit on original Disneyland art a while back and I really fell in love with the early evolutions of Tomorrowland and "what the future used to look like." This reminds me a bit of that. -Rossie

  2. thanks so much for the feedback, Rossie. Connector blocks are a splendid idea! I think I'll give that a try.

    Yeah, I've been steadily obssessed with that kelp shape for a year now... I don't know what it is that keeps drawing me back! I'll have to look into that exhibit...

  3. LOVE the block idea. i think it would make a great quilt of any size. I like Rossie's idea. My idea was just to suggest that you include the measurements (i.e. "the edges should have two 5" pieces of brown surrounding one 2" piece of white" or whatever), but with seam allowances and all it might be confusing. i'd go with the connector blocks. OR put them in a grid of white so it doesn't matter if it matches up or not, but then that really changes the design of the quilt....

  4. that would be awesome over a queen size quilt! you coudl always make up your blocks biger when you sew them, and then trim them all down so that the verticle lines match up!

  5. good ideas... thanks so much for the suggestions! I think I will probably go with this idea (though maybe not in church pants brown, as my hubby calls it). I'm thinking the connector blocks might be my ticket to sanity...