Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I pledge.... (and gratitude)

Have you seen Rossie's post about process? Of course you have. I love everything about this idea... the story that happens between the stitches, the magic that occurs during the final stitch or a way-out decision you make last minute that brings everything together. It's hard to take time to relish the process, I think, when we're all driven by the final product. But this pledge is a good nudge to slow down, and I can appreciate that. I'm also totally infatuated with the drawing in Rossie's blog badge... (over there, in the right column).

I really don't know what it is about kelpies that draw me to them. I think they must be part of the mid-century modern design genre, but I just never tire of them. Have they been a design crutch? Yeah, probably, but there's something wonderful about doing the same thing (kelpies, birdy appliques based on my tattoos, plus signs)... and it always seems to lead somewhere creative. That little blog badge led two particular places, one directly and one with colorful little bits....

I'll be headed one of these directions soon. Part of the pledge deals with design inspiration, and rightly so. I think this can be a tricky discussion for the online community and for myself as a quilterly type. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head, and I worry that I picked them up somewhere from someone subconsciously. Sometimes I see something and it's more like "man, oh, man... gonna have to make me that exact same thing."

I'm personally okay with it when people riff off stuff I've done. I think it's actually one of the best feelings to have inspired someone creatively. But it's always nice when that is acknowledged. And that's made me think that I need to be better (in a totally non sappy, non cheesy kind of way - not my strong suit!) about who inspires me on a daily basis, especially since inspiration is part of the process. I'm talking Malka, Victoria at the Silly Boodilly, Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio, Rossie, Jess at Urban Patchwork (okay... I'll just go with everybody in the Common Threads quilt bee).

There are more, I'm sure, but what's your list look like?


  1. I'm pledged! I'm also thankful for all the young gal bloggers who keep me from thinking like some old lady!

  2. love that inspirations list. I'm hypnotized by your flickr badge right's mostly your plus/minus quilt and a few kelpies dancing around. lovely.

  3. That second sketch definitely inspires me!
    You've hit a pretty good list already. I also enjoy Ringle and Kerr (Fun Quilts), Exuberant Colour, Syko, Chickpea Seewing Studio, and Leslie schmidt on Flickr.