Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pardon the interruption

Gosh that month went by fast. Sorry for the silence on my part... I swear I was busy with things! First there was a weekend in the mountains (with the brindle squad, of course!).

Then some canoeing, some kayaking, some creek swimming...

And then I was involved in the taxing task of... drumroll, please... turning thirty! Now I'm not the type of person who gets too hung up on numbers, but it did seem like a fine excuse to get myself a fancy present. And fancy it is! Meet my new camera. After literally almost two years of research, I settled on this bad boy. It's, in a word, friggin awesome. And I had to have a fun new project to photograph... This blackbird mini was for a friend. I love how the new camera captures all those perfect imperfections! More fun to be had, I'm sure.


  1. Just discovered your blog via flickr.
    I love your work and I love your dog. If you have time to take a peek at my blog (the bluehare one) you will see why.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I saw your crow stitching project hanging up in Gavin's kitchen. I love it!!