Wednesday, August 25, 2010

busy bee

It's so funny with these online bees: you work and work and then you have to send all your handiwork away. Don't get me wrong: I love online bees! I feel like I've been challenged in so many creative ways. And I'm having fun along the way! They just tend to add to that know-I've-been-busy-but-don't-have-anything-to-show-for-it feeling. Ever get that feeling? Either way, here's a quick recap.
A few Common Threads blocks:

A (looong) strip for Rossie in our first round of the Mid Mod Quilt Bee (bottom left):

Oh yeah, and there was my potholder for Carrie (for our Asheville Modern Quilt Guild secret potholder swap-a-roo).

More in the works and coming soon... feeling the sewing and quilting bug taking over again! Oh, and the plus signs...


  1. oooh! i love the checkerboard texture idea. brilliant!

    and I am SOOOO jealous of Rossie's MidMod quilt-to-be. it is going to be GORgeous!

  2. The worst part is when you make a block you absolutely fall in love with and then you have to send it away! But the best part is making a block that you absolutely fall in love with and you realize you never would have learned to make that block if it hadn't been for the bee so you happily send it on it's way to it's new home with the resolve that you will make it for yourself one day!

  3. thanks so much! yes indeedy: rossie's quilt is going to be rad!

    and you're right, Hollie: it's kind of wonderful and horrible at the same time to learn something while making a block, fall in love with it, and send it away.