Sunday, January 9, 2011

doodle stitch purplework!

So...I couldn't resist temptation: I'm officially joining Aimee Ray's doodle stitch along. I needed an easy, low-commitment project for the start of the year... and I'm dedicated to getting comfortable using purple on a more regular basis. Good thing I happen to know lots of little ladies being born right around this time! (Here's a link to our little Flickr group if you'd like to play along!)

This project did get me thinking about some potential new years resolutions in regard to craftiness. I think I'd like to take on some kind of big project but I haven't yet settled on a theme. I've been thinking, too, that I should focus more on the process and the journey rather than the finished project, but that's darn hard to do. Or maybe the most important thing is that I put energy toward being creative on a regular basis...

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