Sunday, April 3, 2011

coming up mushrooms!

Everything is.... that is! And that's one of my favorite parts of early spring. I've been working on a little side series (for a show this July - fingers crossed!) with little hooped-up mushroom outcrops. These are so addictive - really the perfect thing for those little fusible backed scraps in my scrap basket. I've been painting the hoops... and, er, getting better as I practice.

Speaking of mushrooms, we have so many varieties of mushrooms here in western North Carolina! Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon a crop of these tasty morels, growing in a random bit of mulch in our apartment complex! Guess what's for dinner? Yes, a bit alien looking, but so so tasty.
I'm loving this little mini theme - welcome to my new blog header! I stuck with the same one for so long, I'm really enjoying switching things up seasonally. Keeps it interesting! And I'm thinking a birdy might look right nice among those fungi...


  1. well, you know that i am loving your sweet little mushrooms, and the blog design is so fresh, too! so, who knew you were a harvester of wild mushrooms?! i'm adding this to my list of "the awesomeness that is amanda"!!! :)

  2. Good luck with the show!

    I like the new blog header too - reminds me that mine could use some freshening too.

  3. Hi Amanda, I just found your blog, through your 'put a bird on it' quote. Yes, I live in Portland, although a friend just cued me in to Portlandia. Such a funny show, and I'm sure the people in Asheville can identify. Portlanders are into mushrooms, too--I don't have the nerve to pick them, but when I can afford it, I buy them. Love your birds (do I really want to just put a bird on it!?). Kate

  4. I grew up in the Midwest, and every spring we would go "mushroom hunting" for morels. Oh how I miss those days. I do hope you enjoyed your dinner ;)

  5. Oh, I LOVE these mushroom hoops! So cute!!!