Sunday, May 1, 2011

mugs (and more mushrooms)

So I count May as the start of summer, even if it's not official. It's hot, I start plotting my hikes, canoe voyages, and tubing trips, and, of course, I get the thrifting bug. I set out today on an important mission... but of course found some goodies that had nothing to do with that! (Wish the decanter showed up better: there's a ship on the front!) Our cups and dishes and mugs are a grand assortment, and I kind of like it that way. These bad boys below were actually what I was looking for.... mugs and mugs and mugs. (Looove the deer!)
For what, you say? You should really know me better by now (this is, after all, post numero 101!!!)... when an obsession takes hold, it really takes hold! Here's what I had in mind... and I love the look! And I'm working on my own technique for the gills... i.e. cheating with dark strands of felt!

And you'll never guess who I got to hang out with this weekend... photos coming soon!!!


  1. Oh.My.God. Mushroom in a tea cup...BRILLIANT!! I love, love, love it!!

  2. my parents have lots of collection with mugs but we can't use it. im confused on why they collect such things and never used it but for display....

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  4. I love the deer mug too.Fabulous!