Sunday, May 24, 2009

hello, black bird

Yes, I think I'm officially in the icey grips of another crafting obsession: this time, it's black birds. I have at least two more black bird designs in mind... those will be on their way soon. Maybe I'll combine all the little elements I've used in the past few months: kelpies, tombstones/Us, and blackbirds... Ooo la la. Thank goodness for loooonnnngggg weekends!

And maybe one day I'll share a photo of the ones on my legs. Using my tattoos as a design element has got me all excited: I feel like I'm carrying an applique design with me wherever I go... you know, in case of emergencies. It's kind of given my work a new life as well as my tattoos. I like it, but now I'm thinking about more appliques/tattoos I might need to add to my collection. Well, I do have a birthday around the bend...

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