Monday, May 18, 2009

mini quilt monday/mania

Just...can't...stop...making...minis... seriously, this condition probably has a name. The trees were because, well, I'm just really in love with green right now. And I had some crafty energy to exorcise after our trip to Delaware last weekend.

And the birdy...well... that was for Mini Quilt Monday. And these birds WILL be around for a while. This design is based on a pair of birdy tattoos on the back of my legs: my husband's Christmas present to me about four years ago. I've got two others planned, and they'll probably happen sooner rather than later, with the Big Crafty just around the corner.


  1. I came over here from the Flickr Mini Quilt group, you've got a lot of nice work here!

  2. Me too, just like Karen. What size are your bird & tree quilts?

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Priscilla and Karen. The tree quilty is about 18 x 20 inches and the birdy is about 11 x 10 inches.