Monday, June 15, 2009

micro and mini

I finished up another little framed mini, just in time for Mini Quilt Monday. This time, I turned my microscope lino print into an applique design: fun, fun! And I kind of like the two - the microscope and the beetle - as a set. But, of course, I have had thoughts about a third and fourth framed mini... Just can't help myself, it seems.
I spent the better part of the weekend at Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina with my mom (who loved her pink and green apron) and my neice. Nothing like a little lake swimming to set my world right, except I did have some minor crafting withdrawal. Not to worry though: I'm recovering nicely... with mini quilts, of course.
Oh, and here's a promised sunlit shot of my beetle mini... much better than the previous installment, I think.


  1. Just want to say hello. Been browsing through your work and I really like your stitching and use of colors.