Saturday, July 11, 2009

all about the merch

...andising, that is. Digs and bean stitched business cards, bags, and official craft show signage, all bound for the Big Crafty show tomorrow. The bags are my favorite: they were a total last minute, matter of necessity creation, but I'm all for free and handmade!
I love stitching on paper, but I'm not sure how my sewing machine feels about it. When I think about all the sequins, papers, impossible amounts of fabric layers, and various fake fur items I've run through my poor machine... I think she's probably due for a little servicing soon, after 25 years of dependable operation.


  1. i love, love, love your little "db" logo! I've been contemplating a new logo for Pidoodle Designs, but making the big switch seems like SUCH a hassle. I want to make sure that if I DO change that it's a logo I can stick with for awhile. Yours is inspiring!

  2. Thanks so much. Those little eraser-type stamps are so easy to carve. And fun. And they look best if imperfect, which definitely works for me.