Sunday, November 29, 2009

crafty holiday weekends....

....are the best! Especially when you've got two lovely assistants. Here they are, "guarding" the sewing room (or more likely hoping someone will come round the corner with cheese!).

First on my to do list: blocks for Rebekah's round of the Common Threads Quilting Bee. Her fabrics were terrific to work with! We each made 15 inch blocks that are going to be put together with grey sashing... so cool! I've been thinking about my month - which isn't until April - and I'm starting to get excited. By then, the mister and I will have a new queen-sized bed (hopefully!) that will need a lovely covering...

And finally, a wild crafting hair moment: I decided to make something Christmas-y for our table - just a simple quilted placemat. Ye olde Christmas ficus just seemed a bit lonley this year.


  1. hi, amanda!!!
    i love the quilt blocks...some of my most favorite colors + polka dots = jealous. don't you just love the quilting bee? i still have a few blocks left to send out before i can start putting my own blocks together into 3 quilts for my girls. it was such a cool experience with our group. not only did i have some amazing blocks coming my way, but the girls and i had fun looking at the map to see where each block came from. i can't wait to see what you will choose for your fabrics!
    oh, and i think that your little ficus will be mightily cheered.

  2. Somehow I came upon your blog twice today (it was from Cathy's the second time), so I took that as a sign to comment, something I rarely get to do these days. Hi there!

    I've got a back log of blocks to work on, myself. Quilting bees are such fun, aren't they?

  3. thanks for stopping by! yes indeed, virtual quilting bees are such an awesome reminder that there are real people on the other end... real crafty people to boot!