Sunday, November 22, 2009

trees and more trees

Last weekend was my family's official yearly girls-only camping trip (with margarita machine, of course). It's unseasonably warm for November (or at least it was last weekend) so we got to take in some lovely scenery. These images are from Craggy Pinnacle, just one of the many awesome spots along the parkway. Every time I hike past this tree, I wish I spoke entish.

And perhaps it was the hardy trees of the upper elevations that inspired this little mini. The little hand stitches are my favorite part. I can't wait to see these last few little minis on stretchers... I just received the stretchers so I'm thinking I'll finish a whole batch over the holiday weekend. And then maybe a store update?


  1. So pretty! I love the trees. Do you ever go out to Panthertown? It is closer to Western Carolina University. Super pretty out there too.

  2. Thanks, Tia. Yes, indeed: Panther Town is one of our favorite spots ever!