Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy (crafty) new year!

I started my crafty year off with a little bit of sprucing up around ye olde sewing room. I've been thinking about a way to display and access my threads, and I stumbled upon an idea for a simple spool board. It was super easy:

1. Mark a 2" grid on a piece of wood.
2. Hammer in a nail at each intersection on the grid.
3. Spray paint the whole shebang.
4. Add some ribbon trim (with simple fabric glue).

My cork board got a little update too... crafty fun quick and cheap! And all that lovely thread to be inspired by...


  1. it looks great! I need to do this, too!
    love that blue paint color.

  2. go for it! it was fun.... and all that hammering was a bit therapeutic, too. except probably not so much for my neighbors (oops).