Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"one thing" wednesday: the bathtub edition

and now for something totally different...

You know, I've been thinking about one of my resolutions for the year - to slow down - and I realized that I could do with some slowing down on my blog. I think I kinda jumped right into the crafty bits without giving any context about myself. Indeed, the crafty bits are probably more interesting, but I think I'm ready to share other stuff too, since a lot of my life happens away from the computer and the sewing machine. For example, a lot of my life happens while I'm staring at the fixtures above. I am - and have been since as far back as I can remember - a professonial soaker. Swimming pool, natural spring, hot tub, babbling brook, claw foot - you name it.

And it's one of those "small things" that make me feel human on a regular basis, and definitely one of the few moments of the day when I feel I can actually control the speed of life. It even dictates how I pick out my music... when I go shopping for tunes, it's either bathtub music, sewing music, or roller skating music for me (although there are a few specific sub categories: staring out the window music, music to play Catan to, chopping veggies music...)
What do you do to slow down?


  1. take a yoga class! i had to do this tonight just because i'd had such an emotionally harrowing day and for no good reason. the class really wrung out all of that tension and stupid stress and helped me to slow down. i think i might go back for another class friday morning.

  2. Yoga is such a good idea. And it's probably the perfect antidote for all the hours spent hunched over our sewing machines...

  3. Horray for soaking!! Very much one of my favorite things (along with yoga)!
    We cannot wait to see you and introduce you to Ned in March.
    Love seeing all of your crafty stuff, you are amazing!!
    Kate, Jeff, Ned & Laurent